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Let Keyrenter Highlands Ranch show you how hiring a property manager can actually save you money.

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We Take The Headache Out Of Managing Your Rental Properties


We use our local market knowledge and multiple sources like MLS, and Rentometer to determine the optimal rental price for your home.


We market your home on over 40 websites including Zillow, MLS and


Reviewing applications to make sure perspective tenants are the right fit.


Setting the right expectations for tenants.


Conducting a 14 point screening process.


Leasing contracts that protect you and your investment.


Keeping up to date with local, state and federal housing laws.


Avoiding lost income from evictions and lease violations.


Handling maintenance requests in a timely and cost effective manner.


Developing a network of trusted vendors for all maintenance needs.


Making sure owners and tenants have the correct insurance in place.


Experts to handle all complex accounting needs.


The best property management company isn’t always the most expensive and is very rarely the cheapest, but one that offers the best combination of service and value.

Keyrenter Highlands Ranch

We Do It All!

We have the experience and knowledge in place to guide you through your home rental process as smoothly as possible without the stress of doing it yourself. Should any issues arise, we have the systems and people in place to take care of your property. Your experience with Keyrenter will be refreshingly different then doing it yourself, or working with a low price, low service company.


Real estate investment advice and free onsite property evaluations


Getting your rental on the market


Screening applicants and placing tenants


Collecting rent


Maintaining your property


Handling HOA issues


Inspecting your property, before, during* and upon move out


General and 24-hour Emergency maintenance


High tech management solutions and more!

“Dan made the rental process easy, quick, and smooth. He is always incredibly responsive and flexible, no matter how small the request.”

—Amanda P.

Leasing Guarantee

  • If you property doesn’t rent within the 1st 30 days (Provided you allow dogs), Keyrenter will waive your 1st months management fee.

Tenant Guarantee

  • We will replace any tenant who breaks the lease early at no cost to you.
  • If your tenant breaks the lease in the 1st 6 months, we will find you a new tenant for free.

Maintenance Guarantee

  • We utilize our proven vendor network to get repairs done professionally, timely and affordably
  • If a repair is done incorrectly, we will ensure it is fixed at no cost to you

Service Guarantee

  • No lengthy contracts if your not happy just give us a 30 day notice! That’s it.

The Keyrenter Highlands Ranch Difference

Becoming a successful property manager doesn’t have to take hours of time and hassle on your part. If you’ve decided on renting out your home and don’t know where to start, or you’ve been doing it for a while and want to delegate responsibilities, Keyrenter Property Management is the premiere solution for your situation.

We do business at the local level. Your Property Manager will tour your property, get to know you, and make sure that you have everything you need to enjoy the good life. You get a monthly payment to your bank account, and we do all the work.

What separates a good Property Management Company from a great one?

It is more than just collecting rent; it is provided excellent service from start to finish.

Preparation & Marketing

We start by making sure your property is rent ready by walking each home and making suggestions on what improvements to make or Not to make. If you need help getting your home ready, we have a comprehensive list of vendors to assist with any project.

Next, we take professional HD pictures and include 3D tours so your property can easily be viewed online.

We perform an in-depth market analysis using comps form MLS, Zillow and Rentometer to help determine the best rental rate for your property to rent is quickly.

Finally, we market your property on all major sites like MLS, Zillow, Trulia, and over 30 more.

Tenant Placement

We run ads that target specific needs, depending on the location of your property. We highlight a price point that validates quality tenants. We post to over 30 websites, send it out to a prospective tenant database, and work hard to get your property rented as quickly as possible.

More importantly, we screen each and every one of the tenant applicants to ensure the best match for your property.

Tenant Screening & Placement

All inquiries are responded to in the same day usually within 30 minutes of receiving them.
We personally show your property to each interested prospect unless they are accompanied by their own agent. This allows is to meet each perspective tenant and helps us when determining the right fit.

All applicants go through our 14-point screening process that checks credit, rental, criminal and work history and more.

All pets are screened as well!

What defines a great tenant?

Of course tenants that pay rent on time, are not problematic and do not try and break the lease are the expected. But tenants that also instill as sense of community and that take good care of the property are the best.

A thorough lease

The lease should be up to date with the current laws, but it should also lay out the expectations of the tenant to avoid problems. This is why we consulted with one of the top legal teams in Colorado to help us draft a comprehensive lease agreement designed to prevent issues before they happen.

An ounce of prevention….

We collect security deposits within 24 hours of an application approval. We perform an extensive pre-move-in inspection and document each section of the house with pictures and text. Each tenant is provided a copy of this inspection when the move in so there are no questions down the road if issues arise.

What about Evictions?

Our goal is to keep tenants happy and resolve any issues before we get to the eviction process, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

At Keyrenter we understand the eviction process and when necessary we work with the top eviction attorneys in CO to make sure your investment is protected.

How Our Property Maintenance Works. We take care of your home to maximize its profitability.
A major part of our services concerns your property’s maintenance.

Ignoring small leaks or mold under the sink is unacceptable to us because they can lead to considerable problems further down the line.

We take care of your property as if it were our own. We want to keep giving you returns for years to come. And the best way for a property to be profitable is if it is well maintained.

What does maintenance entail?

As long as a house is lived in, maintenance issues will occur. Air filters need replacing, leaks must be fixed, gutters must be cleaned, and knobs and electric switches have to be tightened.
Our maintenance process.

We streamline the maintenance experience for you and your tenants. We do this by providing a space for the tenant to log into our online portal to describe their maintenance request so we can diagnose the issue and get one of our trained technicians to the property right away.

Our skilled and experienced maintenance crews

Finding maintenance crews who do not overcharge and do a great job can be hard. That is why Keyrenter curates a list of qualified and vetted specialists and technicians to help keep your property in great condition.

When something goes wrong, we do not cut corners. Your property is an investment, and we treat it as such. Our team will ensure your tenants are cared for by the best experts and that your property stays profitable no matter what.

Maintenance matters to everyone

It matters to property owners.

A well-maintained property will deliver for years. Even when the current tenants leave, the new ones will certainly appreciate a house that looks well-maintained, clean, and well taken care of.

It matters to tenants.

Tenants are bound to stay longer in a rental property if it is maintained regularly and properly. Happy and satisfied tenants will take better care of your property and will be more careful and conscientious with its upkeep.

Referral Worthy Service
Our reputation is built on our service. Please take a few minutes so read our reviews and see what our clients, tenants and vendors say about us.

Keyrenter Property Management is unmatched in the level of service provided to those who trust us to take care of their homes. We care about you, your property, and your tenants; but it takes more than that to be successful in renting a home. We understand Fair Housing legal regulations, and we provide specific guarantees to help lower your risk and reduce the expenses that come with a residential investment property.

With everything that can make renting a property stressful, many landlords turn to Keyrenter Property Management and have never looked back.

We know renting out your home requires a lot of you. But once you meet with your personal property manager, and let them get to know you, all those difficulties drift away. Our personal approach and knowledge allows us to achieve successful results for people just like you who are letting Keyrenter be the landlord.


Don’t take our word for it, read what our clients, tenants and vendors have to say below.

We had a great experience renting our condo with Dan. He is very professional and responsive. He handles issues efficiently and quickly. Definitely someone that we will recommend.
Antoaneta T.

Dan and his team were very responsive and professional in their approach to management. I had a last-minute move and they were very accommodating, flexible, and worked to finalize everything with a quick turnaround time. They were easy to get ahold of, communicative, honest, and just decent people. Thanks, Dan and team!
Danielle K.

The process on leasing a condo with this company was exceptionally smooth. The house viewing and documentation was readily available for me in a timely manner and each step went without any issues. The quality of care from the staff was the best I’ve had in a very long time. Thank you Dan!
Peter G.

I would highly recommend working with these guys. They are quick to respond, always willing to help, and are professional. Thank you.
Josh J.

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