As we get further into the winter months and snow becomes a regular part of the weather, it’s important to get your property ready for the cold temperatures. Here’s a few helpful tips:

Take Care of Landscaping

Be sure to trim any trees, bushes, and shrubs you have on your property. Any large clumps of snow or ice could create enough weight on the branches to cause them to snap. This could damage your property, so it’s better to prune them before this becomes an issue. You should also clear the grass of any hazards before the first snow to make sure no one steps on them.

Winterize Sprinklers and Hoses

Before it gets too cold, be sure to clear out all of the water in the pipes. Cover the spigots and turn off the system. If there’s any leftover water in the pipes, it will freeze and cause the pipes to burst making for an expensive spring!

Check the Roof

Go onto the roof and check for any signs of deterioration such as holes or other damage. Snow and ice will add a lot of weight, so if there are any problems it could cause the roof to cave in.

Clean out the Gutters

The melting snow will cause a lot of excess water to run through the gutters, so it’s important to make sure they’re free of debris to allow everything to flow smoothly.

Check Your Furnace Filters

This is a great opportunity to go into your properties and change your furnace filters. Making sure your heater works before the weather gets too cold will allow you to get ahead on repairs and not have angry, cold tenants in the middle of the winter season.

Check Insulation Around Pipes

Wrap pipes that are exposed to external walls with a type of insulation to keep them from freezing. This could be regular insulation, foam sleeves, or simply layers of newspaper covered with plastic. 

Finalize a Snow Removal Plan

Be sure your tenants know if they’re responsible for any snow removal. If not, be sure you know who’s in charge of this process. It may be the property manager or a snow removal company, but it’s important to make sure your properties aren’t buried in snow all winter.