The Fair Housing Act of 1968 and the Amendments Act of 1988 prohibits discrimination of any individual based on race, color, religion, disability, gender, familial status, national origin, and age. When it comes to buying, leasing, and renting property, landlords are required to adhere to the law so everyone is given an equal opportunity to have housing.

What is the Fair Housing Act?
The Fair Housing Act is designed to make everything fair for both the renters and the property owners. There is a three-part goal that makes up the Fair Housing Act:
Home Renting and Selling
Under the Fair Housing Act, discrimination is ended against the protected class based on the below regulations:
– Refusal to sell, rent, or negotiate housing terms
– Lying or intently making housing unavailable
– Denying housing
– Changing the rental or lease terms to meet this certain situation
– Offering different housing to certain parties
– Blockbusting
– Denying a multiple listing service for housing-related services
Mortgage Lending
Ending discrimination against the protected class consists of the following elements:
– Refusal to provide a mortgage loan
– Implementing higher interest rates or fees
– Refusing to provide information about available loans
– Illegal Activities

Discrimination is illegal and not allowed under the Fair Housing Act. Certain protected classes can file lawsuits if it is found that certain illegal activities have occurred including:
– Discriminatory statements about property advertising such as adding in certain background preferences and intentionally excluding the protected class.
– Threatening to interfere with another person’s fair housing rights.

What is HUD Housing?
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development established public housing as a way to provide safe, affordable rental options for all individuals. Many individuals with limited incomes, elderly individuals, and those with disabilities have a harder time securing housing. To qualify for a HUD housing rental unit, applicants will need to meet the HUD requirements.

Protected Classes
Under federal law, it is illegal to discriminate against any of the protected classes listed above. Many times, employers can face difficulties when hiring, which is why it is important to have an individual well-versed in proper hiring tactics, and has a clear understand of the Fair Housing Regulations.

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